FIRST AIRED: July 18, 2019

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expand Medicare to every man woman and child in this country cranking up a fierce family fight over healthcare democratic twenty twenty presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday meeting impassioned case for his Medicare for all proposal in slam front runner Joe Biden first competing plan that would build on obamacare my Republican friends and some others , seem to think that the American people hate paying taxes but they just log paying insurance premiums , all my god do you have the insurance premium is here what a wonderful day Sanders Medicare for all health plan envisions a dramatic replacement of the current US health insurance system with a single payer government run system offering comprehensive coverage to all Americans reporter John White sides is on the story they're both trying to %HESITATION differentiate themselves and and take a stand on this issue for Sanders this has been a long standing propose already first pushed in twenty sixteen %HESITATION it's since become %HESITATION much more part of the party agenda at more than a half dozen of his rivals for the presidency of signed on to is his proposal the liberal urban institute estimates the plan could cost thirty two trillion dollars over a decade and that soaring price tag in the feasibility of such a massive overhaul has locked Sanders into an intense battle with buying and several other contenders in the twenty twenty field on Monday the former vice president under president Obama unveiled his more modest expansion of health insurance based on Obama's signature affordable Care Act I understand the appeal of Medicare for all the folks supporting it should be clear that means getting rid of obamacare I believe we have to protect and build on the Sanders Biden clash over healthcare reflex deep tensions in a party torn between progressives like Sanders in moderates like Biden Sanders on Wednesday up the ante by vowing to reject donations from the drug and health insurance companies in challenging his democratic rivals to do the same reject that money , polls repeatedly show healthcare is a core issue for democratic voters Sanders and biting have both been fighting to stand out among the other top democratic presidential contenders including senator Kamilla Harris who is back to a less radical system than Sanders one that would reduce not and private insurance and on Tuesday she announced a plan she said would tame high prescription drug prices through price setting by a federal agency