FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2019

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I got the flag up now and if you do years after the historic Apollo eleven moon walk the goal is to return to the moon which to some like the president at first didn't sound so ambitious in June Donald Trump tweeted NASA should not be talking about going to the moon we did that fifty years ago they should be focused on much bigger things we are doing including Mars but a month later and after speaking with NASA administrator Jim Breitenstein trump said this we're going to be back on the moon very soon and some day soon we will plant the American flag on Mars Reuters correspondent Joey roulette for NASA can go to Mars the agency first must practice on the moon that's according to NASA administrator Jim Breitenstein who is called the moon a proving ground for technologies like robotic three D. printers lunar landers and even rockets , in other words unlike the fleeting lunar visits in the Apollo era future moon trips will service the necessary training ground with the end goal of the mission to Mars Jim Brian sign says this time it's a chance to build an actual near where astronauts can stay and live and work in even launch rockets into deeper parts of our solar system lake Mars that mail sound exciting but Breitenstein has also said we should have already done all that telling CBS's face the nation this week that Americans would already be on Mars if it were not for what he called political risk meaning funding the lack of space exploration in recent years leading Apollo eleven hero buzz Aldrin to save this just days ago that's fifty years of non progress , I think we all are we a lot has changed that we can do better than that but this time around the human moon landing expected in twenty twenty four will likely occur with the financial help of private companies such as your lan musk's space X. or Jeff bays osis blue origin the new space mission is called Artemis by NASA in Greek mythology the female twin of Apollo and prompted this exchange with Breitenstein so the first steps in twenty twenty four will be by women that's the goal a female astronaut yes after the moon a Mars mission could come as soon as twenty thirty three but that's not soon enough for another of Apollo eleven's heroes Michael Collins who orbited the moon well Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked its surface I I don't want to go back to the moon I I want to go over a direct to Mars for now however that's still one giant work in progress for man kind