FIRST AIRED: July 29, 2019

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he attends everybody I know Donald Trump he's not mature enough to take criticism we can help the U. S. civil rights leader al Sharpton on Monday took aim at Donald Trump labeling the president's just giving a tax on a black democratic lawmaker in the city of Baltimore as both racist and part of a trend he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color he then referred to any of these although opponents all critics as infested from provoked widespread accusations of racism when he once again targeted a minority democratic lawmaker the president over the weekend fired a volley of tweets savaging congressman Elijah Cummings who represents parts of the predominantly African American city of Baltimore some called Cummings district disgusting rat and rodent infested and said quote no human being would wants to live there %HESITATION human being would want to live there when Donald Trump attacks this is being perceived as racist do you understand why I understand why but that doesn't mean that it's racist to White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Sunday defended the president saying trump was angry about representative Cummings criticism over conditions at U. S. immigration detention centers trouble on Sunday responded to the allegations of racism by calling Cummings a racist without evidence the tweets about Cummings come in the wake of trump's attacks on for democratic Congress women who are either black Hispanic or Muslim who need told to go back to the places from which they came those words were condemned as racist by the US house of representatives ahead of sharpens remarks on Monday the president called him quote just a con man at work grace was me being a con man if you really thought I was a con man he be nominating me for his cat