FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2019

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this man is named Yonago and he didn't survive your died just weeks after this interview was found , front supporters as been learning about unregulated and often illegal gold mining practice that happens across Africa Asia and South America learning how it's smuggled out to global markets and examining it it's terrible effects on health and the environment , look closely at this photo of you all he had a big new house a big flat screen TV inside a big couch a brand spanking new smartphone all of this is rare in Ghana's wilderness but the secret to his success is also were killed , your suffered from lung failure mercury nitric acid fumes from explosives and other hazardous chemicals are all part of the process used in on sanctions minds like these turns this raw for into this your gold , now he doubles as a mortician for doctor Frederick Sarpong who has traveled to Ghana for years trying to warn villages lifeboat the stock , this isn't a niche problem it's estimated there's a million miners and gonna alone but an additional four point five million livelihoods depend on that cash flow , because of the chemical seeping its way into the land the water way is the food more than ten million people in Africa are exposed to mercury , it lost two years from each person's healthy life expectancy it causes birth defects and in higher exposures like y'all it's simply poisons it's estimated that on regulated mines were to blame for some two hundred and eighty tons of mercury dumped into African waterways in two thousand fifteen in South America what's even higher the main river so what they , yes I've been passing around this place for the past twenty years and this group I used to be very clear , Sarpong believes it's not too late to reverse these effects and he thinks the government's recent ban on all small scale mining has had an impact but so many are still in operation regardless of the government's wishes and as writers has previously revealed in this series the amount of a legal gold coming out of Africa is actually increasing