FIRST AIRED: July 15, 2019

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if you're not happy in the U. S. if you're complaining all the time very simply you can leave you can leave right now after a chorus of condemnation from Democrats for his attacks on for U. S. Congress women you can leave president Donald Trump dug in his heels on Monday re iterating comments he made on Twitter over the weekend for the first year minority congresswomen to quote go back to the places from which they came these are people that in my opinion hate our country now you can say what you want but get a list of all of the statements I've made and all I'm saying that if they're not happy here they can leave they can leave and you know what I'm I'm sure that they'll be many people , that won't miss them but they have to love they have to love our country their congresspeople and I never used any names but these people , quiet , quiet in your tweets are racists are quiet drums are was directed at a group known informally in Congress as the squad Alexandria %HESITATION because the %HESITATION Cortez ill Han Omar hi Jana Presley and Rasheeda to leave all of them born in the United States except for Minnesota's Omar who trump singled out at Monday's press event and falsely claimed that she favors the extremist group al Qaeda over the United States I hear the way she talks about al Qaeda , cat is killed many Americans she said you can hold your chest out you can when I think of America home when I think of al Qaeda I can hold my chest out several democratic lawmakers blasted the president's tweets as racist and accused him of pushing white nationalism does it concern you that many people saw that tweet is racist and that of white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point doesn't concern me because many people agree with me and all I'm saying they want to leave that impression all Democrats on Monday move to formally condemned president trump with house speaker Nancy Pelosi calling on Republicans to support a resolution criticizing his comments they hate our country