FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2019

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also make is a speeding ahead with new tech to avoid crushes , but insurers %HESITATION waving a caution flag the market for advanced driver assistance systems %HESITATION hate us he's big it's expected to grow more than ten percent each year reach sixty seven billion dollars by twenty twenty five the US car insurers a wary they say they don't currently have enough data to back up auto industry promises of the safety benefits from automated driving systems insurers claim common you factors are reluctant to give detailed info on model sold with those features so the insurance institute and insurance providers are very much concerned with how the systems actually change events in the real world and with the way that the systems are set up right now there is an opportunity to really see whether an accident was avoided because of the system are because of driver intervention and there's no record of the events themselves , government Mondays to install the technology is driving the market , a group of twenty carmakers have pledged to outfit almost every new vehicle with full collision warning and automatic emergency braking by twenty twenty , what it allows automakers to do is start to test out some of these technologies that are eventually going to be used in fully autonomous vehicles the world's largest alter reinsurer switch three believes hate us could use motor accident frequency by up to twenty five percent the firm is developing in a desperate school which could recommend discounts will also insurers it appears that with new automated driving features on the way in he sure is we'll just have to keep up