FIRST AIRED: July 17, 2019

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the political protection they deserve , so this concern about leadership is concerned that the government might throw them under the bus if things get much heavier on the street is %HESITATION some senior former police officers who still in touch with the force of telling us that they need Focke clear guidelines on the use of tear gas and so on perhaps to stop what we've seen to be increasing use of baton charges to clear a small groups of protesters , this was the scene outside the police H. Q. last month thousands rallied and blocked his entrances angry tell the police what the twenty tense one member of the foods told voices these recruitment posters that were once plastered around the building have now been toned down during the protests way getting evidence that there is a llama both %HESITATION among the political elites by pro Beijing and democratic %HESITATION and and also the police themselves that there is a right down %HESITATION in the in the relations with the public I was out at yelp home on Friday night I will be putting posters up on the limb bowls and then there was some incident with a suspected policemen taking photographs and suddenly there were lots of people and commuters even swearing and screaming at the police calling them black dogs and and far worse %HESITATION and I I just hadn't seen behave it quite like that , the mileages we've turned into almost daily demonstrations and if the police struggle to maintain order some sources tell voices plan B. might involve China there are some foreign security analysts the starting to look more closely at the expanding role of the people's armed police , paramilitary force on the mainland it forms %HESITATION and anti riot function and the mainland Chinese context not a free home called context they're a pretty robust force and I don't think that would be acceptable from what I understand not just to the Hong Kong public but also the home from police it wouldn't be as provocative as using soldiers but it would be one step in that direction , the police statement two voices did not respond directly to questions about offices concerns that said bowing to protest seriously undermine at the world of little