FIRST AIRED: July 23, 2019

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we have a really good , man is going to be the prime minister of the UK now four sacks president Donald Trump with open arms on Tuesday stop very smart welcome the victory of Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom saying the new prime minister is going to quote do a good job this ain't Britain trop they call in print shop and speak with St that's a good thing well the two leaders do have similar larger than life populace dials and similar hair styles there is still an ocean of differences between them says Reuters White House correspondent Steve Holland they will have some %HESITATION hurdles to overcome Britain has been wanting to stick with the E. U. %HESITATION policy of of %HESITATION sticking with the Iran nuclear deal trough of courses tried to blow that up there will also be put the potential for some differences over China and their posts there Britain has been reluctant to a split completely from the while way %HESITATION telecommunications system which %HESITATION the United States would like Britain and other European countries to %HESITATION discard starting Wednesday trump and Johnson will be the caretakers of the traditional special relationship between the two western allies he'll get it done and trump is likely to judge Johnson's early tenure on whether he can deliver on a Briggs it deal whether they have a deal with the European Union or not I don't think trump really cares in the end he just wants to see this get done and he wants a a a U. S. British free trade agreement that he believes would benefit the United States %HESITATION over the rest of the European Union yeah you trump it is very tricky dealing with trapeze he has up and down relationships around the world with with a variety of of global leaders and I think we'll see a honeymoon period between trump and Johnson %HESITATION but after that we'll see what happens as a present likes to say trump and Johnson similar brash styles also have the potential for fireworks Johnson has so far avoided drawing the president's tweet fire despite being critical of him in the past , calling him unfit to be the president end quote clearly out of his mind making any comments like those in his new position could spark a revolutionary war of words