FIRST AIRED: July 23, 2019

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and I'm thinking anything Muller can say that's going to change anybody's modernisations neat as it is but it is fried chicken just as he says what was in the report and says it to the American people so they hear it that would be very very important on Wednesday Democrats will finally have a chance to bring former special counsel Robert Muller on camera in Congress to answer questions about the rush investigation it'll be a big moment for Democrats who are still divided about whether to bring impeachment proceedings against president Donald Trump what won't be is an opportunity to change public opinion we found all along over the past couple years that American public many has largely calcified about the rush investigation people made up their minds about one half of the public feels that %HESITATION president trump obstructed justice %HESITATION and conspired with Russians %HESITATION to hack the election about one third feel that he did not but we also are finding in our latest poll the only about eighteen percent of Republicans even plan to wash the latest %HESITATION testimony from Robert Muller they're really not tuning in and when we asked them whether they find it important only about thirty one percent of Republicans find %HESITATION the that Robert molars testimony is important to them it really not that interested in hearing what he has to say among Democrats it's a totally different story they're very interested in what Robert Miller has to say about forty four percent say that they're going to watch robber most customer a life on American TV most Democrats say that they find this test may be very important they're very interested %HESITATION in all of it %HESITATION and and you can't discount the fact that this is gonna be very important that you know in a little more than a year we're gonna have another presidential election presidential elections are about getting out support for your base really getting people to the polls and driving them to vote and this is an issue that clearly there's a lot of consensus among Democrats they're very interested in they want to hear more about %HESITATION and it could be an issue that really helps turn out more than a year from now when when we pick a new president for twenty twenty