FIRST AIRED: July 23, 2019

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a California flag flies above the surf shop on Japan's shown on coast , surfing makes its Olympic debut next year at a beach miles away near Tokyo but for many Japanese this is the birthplace of the country's modern surfing culture during the Vietnam War Sean on used to be a hub for American soldiers they be stationed at a nearby military base and head down to the coast in their downtime seventy one year old ten G. O. dot remembers the feeling of wonder seeing their boards for the first time even all that does happen before the current form of surfing came we used to washing border of bath cover is aboard but at the time of the Vietnam War American soldiers brought surfboards with them what is now known and shown on as a local surfing pioneer when he was sixteen he spent all his money on an American made board which she bought off the black market it set him back thirteen hundred dollars the mobile there is no surf shop here and someone told me there were two boards available so I rushed to get one the what won't see the excitement of the twenty twenty games local surfer say they still prefer the beaches and shorelines coast they say it has an atmosphere surface find special and I'm going to can I agree that I I like that the time passes slowly and shown on it seems that everyone is kind and peaceful Hey I really like thought and while the American soldiers have long since left the area the legacy of their surf culture here lives on store fronts are adorned with signs like these well young people are often dressed in American clothing the Olympic surfing competition is expected to begin July twenty six next year