FIRST AIRED: July 23, 2019

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Britain has a new prime minister scruffy had Oxford educated gaffe prone Boris Johnson as he takes up the bass in from out going to reason may what can we glean from his past that might predict what kind of leader he'll be let's break it down point by point when Boris Johnson gets a position of responsibility he likes to make himself the sort of superstar chairman the man on everybody's lips on every television camera on the front pages and he leaves the details to others usually to a super efficient team around him that does the specific technical work on issues part of Boris Johnsons charm is the slightly shambolic persona the crumpled suits the ruffled hat and the intent to go into subjects that many politicians wouldn't add to that indicates Boris Johnson is likely to bring a hefty dose of chaos to the brexit negotiations on brexit Boris Johnson is light to go in very hot he's going to be seeking to push the European Union towards doing a deal a deal the European Union says it doesn't want to do one other thing about his past is that Boris Johnson is not a big details man he leaves the details to other people what he plays to the cameras to the media Boris Johnson has said he's going to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union on October the thirty first do or die that's with or without a deal and as the European Union says it's not going to do a new deal that leaves the option of a no deal , in many ways Boris Johnson is Britain's on such a Donald Trump he's used and shown in the past his trump in approach to getting things done as London that , when he was laundromat Boris Johnson champions business but when the concerns of the business leaders were raised about brexit Boris Johnson is alleged to have said business but Boris Johnson more need business and many of his back as off from the business community so he's gonna have to get business on site how he does that if he goes for no deal is unclear , if you have weeds anymore stumbles Johnson's Gosse until the next general election and that could be sooner than we think to prove his worth in the top job