FIRST AIRED: July 28, 2019

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we are investigating well this a top democratic lawmaker on Sunday said he believes president Donald Trump quote richly deserves impeachment it's arguably the bold a statement yet from representative Jerrold Nadler whose house Judiciary Committee is charged with initiating any impeachment proceedings Nadler on CNN's state of the union also said there was no deadline for pursuing impeachment rejecting the notion that Democrats must decide whether to do so before the twenty twenty election season shifts into high gear arguing that trump has quote violated the laws six ways from Sunday Nadler said quote we have to defend the constitution against these kinds of unconstitutional and illegal deeds and we have to make sure that a president who does that pays a penalty so that kind of conduct is not normalized and legalized in effect for the next president we will proceed one we have what we need to proceed not one day sooner house speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to restrain Democrats from initiating the impeachment process against trump without first ensuring public support democratic representative Adam Schiff chair of the house intelligence committee on Sunday said it was important to show the American people enough evidence to make the case for trump's impeachment quote before we go down this path because it's going to occupy a year of the nation's time with the White House refusing to cooperate in many congressional investigations of trump ship told NBC's meet the press that obstructing Congress might itself become the focus of impeachment efforts one notable instance occurred when the trump administration blocked former White House counsel don McGann from testifying before the house Judiciary Committee began had allegedly been instructed by trump to fire special counsel Robert Muller amid his investigation into Russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election Nadler has signaled he will file a lawsuit seeking to enforce McGann to comply with his congressional subpoena election