FIRST AIRED: July 30, 2019

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former vice president Joe Biden is hoping his performance at this week's democratic debates will help wash away the memory of the first such event in Miami last month when senator Kamilla Harris went after him on the issue of school busing do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose blessing in America then do you agree I did not photos Boston in America since then rivals such as Harris in New Jersey senator Cory Booker have only ramped up their attacks on Biden's record on race and criminal justice raising expectations for even more fire works later this week this is a campaign that will define the culture of our country the issue analysts say Biden is most likely to be called out on is his role in shaping the controversial nineteen ninety four crime bill that stiffen penalties for drug offenses in the run up to this week's debate Booker has been labeling by is the quote architect of mass incarceration he says that Biden has not done enough and his track record to address the race issues facing our country that because the way the law was written in black %HESITATION offenders were more likely to go to jail for longer periods of time then wait offenders but rather than lay back as he largely did against terrorists in Miami last month Biden his change tactics fiercely defending the nineties crime legislation as crucial to ending an epidemic of violent crime in US cities it was supported by the black caucus and in the United States Senate by large numbers some is owned by majority support in line is also turning the tables on Booker one of the provisions I wrote in the crime bill a pattern and practice of this behavior his police department was stopping and frisking people mostly African American man we took action against from the justice department took action against them if you were , to go back and talk about records I'm happy to do that could signal a tougher Biden taking the stage on Wednesday night in Detroit all three have indicated that they plan to have their elbows out on the debate stage and we could see criticism flying in both directions the first debate %HESITATION Biden took a lot of criticism for not airing ready %HESITATION to get into the mix of things and we expect to see him change his tone and his tactic in the second debate %HESITATION and start Romeo scuffling up with his opponents despite his wobbly first debate Biden SO four continues to dominate the democratic field with double digit leads in most polls