FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2019

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the threat that I believe president trump poses to our national security and and where we are as a country is extreme democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden slammed president trump from start to finish during his most extensive remarks to date on foreign affairs is a radic policies in failures to a pole basic democratic principles have mon Mar reputation and our place in the world and I quite frankly believe our ability to lead the world speaking at a New York University the former vice president on Thursday touted democracies role in foreign policy Donald trumps brand of American first has too often lead to America alone and said international partnerships are needed to confront threats like terrorism cyber warfare climate change and nuclear proliferation from North Korea to Iran Russia to Saudi Arabia trump is made the prospect of nuclear proliferation a new nuclear arms race , and even the use of nuclear weapons more likely not less in a sweeping speech Biden said he would rejoin the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal with Iran should Tehran comply with its provisions and curb its uranium enrichment nuclear threat trump a critic of the Obama administration's foreign policy record maintains that the Iran deal was too lenient and withdrew the U. S. from the accord last year another key issue for bite in the existential threat , we all face climate change Biden said as US president he would rejoin the Paris climate accord saying if the world doesn't need its climate goals not much else will matter for Biden who served in the U. S. Senate for thirty five years Thursday speech was a much needed return to firmer ground after weeks of having to defend his civil rights record after a recent debate performance heard him in public opinion polls because it was a local decision