FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2019

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this could be the start of a very special relationship Donald Trump backed Boris Johnson to be the UK's next prime minister at the start of his leadership campaign saying he'd do a very good job , as we wait to find out if that's true many see parallels between the two men that go beyond the blonde brightest guy folk Umbridge says beau Joe is Britain's trump Boris has to have like Donald Trump he also has the ability to in rage and fury eighteen Shyam sections of the electorate and he's willing to go into issues controversial issues that other politicians wouldn't dag go into I'm like Donald Trump he has the guile the political Niles to get to the top and stayed at , he is it's been an open secret that Boris as he's known wants to be prime minister , many believe that was why he swung behind brexit in twenty sixteen taking voters with him the former mayor of London was seen as a remain a both Boris Johnson on Donald Trump cost themselves as the anti establishment choice but in fact both the from the very heart of their respective establishments they cost themselves as the choice of the common man they give blunt often controversial assessments of what's going on and court publicita both men bounce back from criticism that would fell of the politicians trump became embroiled in another racism scandal this week while some of Johnson's newspaper columns have been notorious one likened women wearing the Muslim face fail to back crocus another spoke of Africans with watermelon smiles and used a derogatory term for black children still it wasn't always enough in between the two as London mayor Boris called trump out of his mind for trying to ban Muslims entering the United States Donald Trump has made his views on immigration pretty clear Boris Johnson is slightly different he's a much more cosmopolitan character born in New York he lived in Brussels as a child I'm Boris Johnson has a much more liberal be view of immigration but he's not of a to attacking immigration when it suits his political aims critics derided Johnson as trump oodle this month , after he failed to back U. K. ambassador to Washington Kim dot Rick in a row of the leaked cables that criticize trump dijo was blamed when Derek quipped Johnson says he'll take Britain out of the E. U. in a few months come what may and allies will then be on his trans Atlantic ties the relationship between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson will be the key one Boris Johnson will be thrown towards the United States because the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union I'm to get that leverage with the European Union Boris Johnson will need to get very very close to Donald Trump