FIRST AIRED: July 18, 2019

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I DO escalating tensions in the Gulf all revolving around Iran I want to a price everyone president Donald Trump announced on Thursday that the US navy had shot down an Iranian drone in the street of her moods , it was destroyed by the USS boxer seen here the vessel has been patrolling the region part of an increased American military presence the boxer took defensive action against an Iranian drone , which had closed into a very very near Justin's approximately one thousand yards , ignoring multiple calls to stand down , and was threatening the safety of the ship , and the ship's crew , the amphibious assault ship carries not only harrier fighter jets but an array of ground troops I also call on other nations to protect their ships as they go through the straight out of its own also on because the Iranian state TV reported that Tehran had seized a foreign tanker smuggling fuel in the Gulf the revolutionary guard said the unbounded vessel was told after it sent a distress call the US has blamed a series of recent attacks on fuel tankers on Iran adding to tensions trump announced new sanctions against Iran toasty the sanctions come as trump who quit a landmark two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal has been pressuring Tehran to renegotiate the fact and as a Ron steps up uranium enrichment raising fears it could for trip back to word a nuclear weapon