FIRST AIRED: July 15, 2019

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you know we will show up on the streets we will protest tears of threatened mass immigration arrests across the U. S. of the weekend spurred a surge of pro immigrant activism and while the deportation roundups did not materialize the threat galvanized resistance in U. S. cities thousands marched in the streets of Los Angeles Friday night denouncing U. S. immigration and customs enforcement or ice the mayor of Chicago made it clear her city would not aid ice rates we will not as a city do anything to facilitate the heartless work of ice who's been weaponized by this president it led to the mayor urged those without visas to know their rights if agents came knocking we're just trying to get out as much information as we can if people to route remind people that they are entitled to due process president Donald Trump announced plans to arrest immigrants without legal status on Twitter last month the operation was expected to target hundreds of recently arrived families in about ten cities who had been ordered deported by an immigration judge many women of ice they are true American heroes in an interview with CBS on Sunday the former acting director of ice and current acting commissioner of US customs and border protection defended the plant arrests that priority is also go after and and apply consequences and forced the rule of law to those individuals who had due process and received a final order of removal from the judge and they still remain here illegally as a candidate trump campaigned on creating a quote to deportation force to arrest immigrants living illegally in the country there are roughly ten million people living in the U. S. without authorization most arrived legally and overstayed their visas and many now have American spouses and children the only related large scale arrests took place in Phoenix CBS news reported sixteen people were arrested after pro immigrant protesters blocked a train line on Friday night amid protests outside the cities a sixty nine year old man was shot dead by police on Saturday outside an immigration detention center in Tacoma Washington , police said the suspect was armed and set fire to at least one vehicle outside