FIRST AIRED: July 15, 2019

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it sizzles and smells like steak but this meet lookalike was actually born here in this Israeli lap with the numbers of people opting for plant based diet is on the rise Israeli startup allophones began dabbling in lab grade cuts of meat they claim to be the first company to develop stake in a lab and say that now looking to high end restaurants around the world to get it on the market by twenty twenty one , generally the ETS that we take cells from a cow without day slaughtering it and these S. small amount of cells serve as a basis for getting more and more sales and from these sales we create the different cell types that comprise the muscle cat which is actually the state that we are eighteen the various muscle tissue fat and blood vessel cells a combined in a specific ratio and grown on a three D. scaffolds to form a piece of meat this is similar to the real deal in shape taste and texture as possible , the process of creating the meat that is in in a closed vessels that they allow no contamination and accordingly we don't need to add any antibiotics more modern day to begin and reach the meat cuts with specific nutrients that are important to our nutrition and even tailor it for specific populations that we want to adopt them it's got for their requirements the company's first offering is minute steak which currently costs around fifty dollars per serving the telephones hopes to bring that price down to compete with the price of the real deal