FIRST AIRED: July 23, 2019

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the jurors room after fourteen years in a federal prison many Davis is spending precious time with his grand kids thanks to a new law backed by president trump that cut his time for selling crack cocaine by six years but is days of freedom may be numbered the justice department is now trying to lock him up again saying he never should have been freed in the first place do I think is right no it's not fair you know because I didn't make his log created or signing you know talk to the president and Congress data on who did it the law that free Davis is known as the first step backed backed by both Republicans and Democrats it was signed by trump into law last December , trump has been a big cheerleader recognizing ex offenders in his state of the union speech now Matthew is the very first person to be released , inviting them to the White House as does continue to make America great again , but even as this man Gregory Allen was being celebrated by trump the justice department was trying to revoke his freedom lawyers quietly dropped the case after he appeared at the White House these are just isolated cases writers of learned that trumps justice department is seeking out a less forgiving interpretation of the line at least eighty one instances arguing that some offenders should serve rather full terms up to life in prison and we know of at least eleven former inmates to face the same fate as Davis as government lawyers say they may try to reverse the court decisions that freed these men in the first place one of the laws authors democratic senator Dick Durbin said that's undercutting what Congress was trying to do many of these people are served in prison for five ten fifteen twenty years and more it's time for them to be able to get on with their lives in the notion the department of justice is just gonna keep nagging at him an appealing these cases is not what we ever had in mind we should acknowledge the the massive progress that has been made and that's why I'm committed to implementing the first step back Davis likely won't learn his fate until a court weighs in next year I screen in the meantime he's trying to move on with his life looking for work reconnecting with family and grappling with the way his neighborhood in east buffalo has changed is home but you know it's sad , you know that it's been torn down like this you know , yeah