FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2019

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it's just cool really when it gets down to it what's cooler than space travel three , the fashion world can't seem to resist the gravitational pull of NASA , fifty years ago the U. S. B. C. agency sent the first astronauts to the moon yet it's in twenty nineteen that high end designers like her on Preston luxury brands like coach fast fashion companies like HMM and retailers like Macy's are bringing the Nestle logo into their orbits and giving it their own spin over the past few years in NASA will go seven slash on everything from T. shirts to this two hundred fifty dollar jacket I'm wearing my alpha industries the space agency's logos are benefiting from trends sweeping over the fashion industry retro logo's are in , I want to be part of the moment are part of a mission no pun intended Duran ketone is vice president of Macy's fashion office he says it's younger generations leading the trend despite not being around during NASA's glory days but I think now what's happening is that %HESITATION as you see cultural moments happening or major anniversaries happening %HESITATION like Nassau like Woodstock %HESITATION there these moments that there's a generation now that didn't experience it but because of the internet and social media they're caught up in it they want to know more , Saturday marks fifty years since the first man walked on the moon a moment of national unity that trend analyst Jersey Evers says people today crave well I think it's timeless right when even not even if I wasn't alive during that time I can look back in these kind of images of families gathered around a TV watching a man on the moon we still haven't seen that today you know it's exciting it's it's hopeful it's patriotic so I think it embodies the feeling that we at least want right now you know and and the fifties and sixties when they were out but in some ways very hopeful time you know a lot was going on to push our country forward and and again given the climate that we're living in I think we're we're grasping for that NASA has two main logos the first one nicknamed the meatball was introduced in nineteen fifty nine then it introduced this one in nineteen seventy five nicknamed the warm when NASA decided it wanted a more modern logo , the insignia is everywhere making money for designers and retailers NASA's not cashing in when you have a licensing agreement with the company when there is a local you need to license that and pay to license that because NASA's obviously government agency they're not allowed to charge money so you don't have to pay for it so it's free so when you're talking a big company like a target or something doing runs and runs runs of T. shirts and a huge production that's a big cost savings as well according to NASA's guidelines to use its logo's a company must first submit its designs what's not allowed the logo can't go on products endorsing alcohol or tobacco almost all else is fair game , whether NASA makes that giant leap toward becoming a lasting trend remains to be seen but as of April twenty nineteen it has at least one calls me competitor the black coal and we all know how much fashion loves the color black