FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2019

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in the latest move stoking Mideast tensions Friday Arron claims it has seized a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf Arron state TV said Iran's revolutionary guard corps had commandeered the tanker the steno impero for quote not following international maritime regulations Britain said it is urgently seeking information after the tanker suddenly veered off course near the strait of Hormuz who's well on its way to Saudi Arabia at the White House president trump said the US was aware of the seizure in in touch with its close ally we have a lot of ships there that %HESITATION warships ad will talk to the U. K. ad we have no written agreement but we have an agreement they've been a very great ally of ours Tehran had earlier said it would retaliate after British naval forces season running tanker Gibraltar earlier this month on suspicion of smuggling oil to Syria in breach of E. U. sanctions on Friday the UK said the tanker would be detained for another month and within hours Arron said it had seized the British ship Tehran also ratchet up a dispute with the US releasing a video it said showed a US navy warship had failed to take down an Iranian drone the Pentagon said had threatened to U. S. warships in the strait of Hormuz , trump rebuffed the claim Friday reaffirming the USS boxer brought down the drone when it flew within a thousand yards of the ship trump issuing a stark new warning to Tehran we hope for their sake they don't do anything foolish they do they will pay a price like nobody's paid a price tensions in the region have been on the rise since the U. S. pulled out of the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal last year and impose tough new sanctions on Iran's oil sector trump has been pressuring Tehran to re negotiate the pact Arron has refused and has stepped up uranium enrichment raising fears it could forge a path toward eight nuclear weapons