FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2019

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a Guatemalan migrants with her child covers her face and weeps in front of a Mexican National Guard soldier who has stopped them mere feet from the United States border crossing the powerful images taken by Reuters photographer and sue the the widest went viral on social media this week casting a spotlight on the migration crisis and the rule of Mexico's militarized National Guard police force in containing central American migrants Reuters correspondent David LED Garcia is in Mexico City in the photographs you see a watermelon mother let the bed S. and her six year old son Anthony just for they're about to cross into the United States along with them you see a national guardsman decked out in fatigues and holding an assault rifle the national guardsmen tells her she can't litter passing he's just doing his job and she begs and pleads with them this goes on for several minutes and then in a moment of distraction she makes a run for it she basically takes his son by the hand goes into the dried out river bank makes it to the middle and at that point this car's been no longer has jurisdiction , former Mexican president Felipe Calderon who re tweeted the picture after it was posted by former Mexican ambassador to the United States are due to subtle con roads quote what a pity Mexico should never have accepted this was a little kid but isn't that drum president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has faced backlash for trying to placate president Donald trump's demands to stop the flow of migrants into the U. S. Mexican present Lopez Obrador has sent about twenty thousand soldiers part of this National Guard force to the border to thwart the migrants he's also allowed US officials to send back to Mexico tens of thousands of non Mexican asylum seekers to wait in Mexico to have the case is resolved and all this is an impact apprehensions of the US border are down by about a third last month in June Lopez Obrador said the National Guard did not have orders to detain migrants crossing the US border you regularly emphasizes that the clampdown must not violate rights as for Lettie Paris and her son in response to a request for information a spokesman for US customs and border protection said the agency did not have the resources needed to track the current whereabouts based on the details Reuters was able to provide