FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2019

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seeing a Somali immigrant right , Omar's family fled Somalia when she was a teenager she and three other progressive democratic congressmen have been the subject of trump's vitriol for a week the attacks started Sunday night when trump tweeted that the four women who are black Hispanic or Muslim quote go back to the places from which they came despite widespread accusations of race baiting and a house resolution condemning his words as racist trump intensified his attacks on the women they're always , in the midst of a twenty minute diatribe the crowd began chanting quote send her back about representative Omar the next day the president did something he rarely does distanced himself from his own supporters in foods yes when your supporters last night were Chowning chanting send her back why didn't you stop them what you asked him to stop saying that number one I think it did a Spanish speaking quickly it it really was a lot I disagree with , video shows trump did not in fact interrupt his supporters chanting but his disavow the next day comes after Republicans grew worried the sentiment could set the tone for the twenty twenty campaign Republican representative mark Walker of North Carolina said quote we cannot be defined by this Walker said that Republican leaders in the house discuss their concerns with vice president Mike pence well the present moderate Republicans of squirmed at defending trump's language but as of Thursday only forty of the two hundred and fifty Republicans in Congress have publicly criticized the president's words meanwhile the four Democrats have received death threats not just about , threats to individual members of Congress but it is about creating a bowl with tile environment in this country through violent rhetoric trump is also falsely claimed that he'll hunt Omar supports the al Qaeda terror group , makes you , and promoted this rumor I hear she was married to a brother the controversy may pose a challenge as chum tries to please his next crowd Omar knows exactly how to please her , we are going to continue to be a nightmare to that's what I thought I