FIRST AIRED: October 22, 2018

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>> Now is the time of great trouble. And it is you we call upon.>> Dozens gathered with self described witches at an occult bookstore in Brooklyn, New York over the weekend. Not for an early Halloween party but to cast a curse on the newly confirmed US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh.
>> Rain down divine retribution on the heads of every one of these evil men.>> Melissa Madeira of Catland Books is one of the organizers of Saturday's event and said the ritual was an act of resistance and resilience.>> There's a lot of rage in the community following the hearing with Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh's confirmation.
And we wanted to give people a chance to engage in a little bit of direct action through spirituality with us.>> Madeira says the Kavanaugh hex, which was live streamed on Facebook and Instagram.>> And so it shall be.>> Was one of the most popular events the store has hosted since it opened in 2013, including spells aimed at President Trump.
>> It's a witch hunt.>> Our hexes on Trump began after he already took a seat in the presidency. And it's been interesting because every time we've done it, we've seen new information come out about whether he's been engaged in tax fraud or Russian collusion or fraud with the election and stuff like that.
Every time we do it, more and more comes to the public eye, which is exactly what we're hoping for. I'm not surprised that it's a long game, but I am very very pleased with the results we've been getting.>> The event drew anti witch demonstrators outside the bookstore, and sparked counter hexes around the country by those hoping to undo the Brooklyn coven's spell.
Even mainstream clergy got into the act with Reverend Gary Thomas of the Diocese of San Jose California, a Vatican trained exorcist. Saying he would perform a special mass for the Supreme Court justice in response to what he called a conjuring of evil. If you missed the magic on Saturday, the witches are planning another Kavanaugh hex for November 3rd.