FIRST AIRED: November 5, 2018

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>> More people are working in our country today than in any point in the history of our country. That's not bad.>>
>> How do you lose an election with that stat, right?>> Many house Republicans on the eve of the midterms are likely asking that very question.
Reuters visited New Jersey's hypercompetitive seventh district which has seen significant income gains and job growth in the last two years. But its five-term Republican representative is at risk of losing his seat to a Democrat. Reuters correspondent Jonathan Spicer visited the district to ask why.>> We're here in the town of Flemington.
It's in the middle of a tangle of suburbs and farmlands where Republican incumbent Leonard Lance is in the fight of his life against Democrat Tom Malinowski. Now the signature issue, the very hot economy, should be enough to allow Lance to sail through to victory. But we're finding it's just not the case.
>> It's the economy, stupid.>> President Trump's signature achievement, the tax reform, hasn't resonated here among many of the residents in New Jersey. We're finding speaking to voters that it hasn't resonated because of the personality of the President that seems to overshadow any positive feelings that voters may have on high wage growth and high job growth.
>> I like the ideas that he has, but I think he's going about it the wrong way.>> Just, like->> He's a bully. That's what she's trying to say
When it comes to empathy and the regular person, I don't think he really gets it. And so I think we need a bit of a change cuz there's just too much hate.
>> I have to vote to cancel out my husband's vote.
's really important. I don't agree with a lot of what's going on. I'm not happy with our situation.>> I've spoken to several Independents and Democrats who just wanna put a check on the President by electing a Democratic member to the House.
We've also spoken to several Republicans who are ambivalent about their chances. Including one woman who didn't even wanna be on camera, who said that she was embarrassed to call herself a Republican. Now, that comports with polls that we've heard showing that in these wealthier, better educated suburbs, like here in New Jersey, the President's divisive personality is turning voters off.
>> We have the greatest economy we've ever had.>> New Jersey is not alone. Polls analyzed by RealClearPolitics show that a majority of the most competitive house districts, where income rose significantly faster than average since Trump took office, are toss-ups or lean Democrat.