FIRST AIRED: October 30, 2018

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>> There's a new competitor trying to break into the global high-end smartphone market and this one is coming from China. OnePlus, a five-year-old Chinese startup making its US debut Monday with the 6T. The launch coming despite a trade spat between Beijing and Washington that's straining relationships between two of the world's biggest trading partners.
But OnePlus and its American team, including mobile chip giant Qualcomm and wireless carrier T-Mobile, aren't scared off says Reuters telecom reporter Sheila Dang.>> On T-Mobile's side, the carrier has again said that their team has looked at the phone. They vetted the device and they said they've gotta know questions from regulators or the US government on the security of the phone.
So both companies seem confident that this will not have any of the same problems as Huawei for example.>> Earlier this year, US government worries that China could insert technology into Chinese company phones to spy on Americans pressured leading US mobile phone carriers AT&T and Verizon to scrap development plans for a high-end phone with Huawei.
OnePlus also taking additional steps to soothe security and privacy concerns coming out of Washington.>> So OnePlus has always said that they've been very stringent on the security of their phone. And one of the new features on the phone is there's a fingerprint scanner. So during the event in New York today, they said that they had engineered the phone to only memorize the fingerprint on the device itself.
So it's not going to a server or anywhere different than the phone. It's hoping high-end features like that will lure tech savvy Americans just like it did in India, OnePlus's other big bet. But India isn't the states where Brand loyalty to either Apple or Samsung is legendary. And not even a price point, that's roughly $200 cheaper than a comparable Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, maybe low enough to break that whole.