FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2018

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>> Imran Khan is in China for one thing, money. The new Pakistani prime minister told China's Xi Jinping of his country's, quote, very difficult economy. And he got promises that Pakistan's closest ally will keep supporting it. Reuters Ben Blanchard says Khan will also have his hopes up for China's first import fair next week in Shanghai where he'll be speaking.
>> This is the event that China has setup trying to show the outside world that it is welcoming of foreign companies and that it wants to import more into the country so that the rest of the world can enjoy the benefits of China's economic boom. Undoubtedly, the Pakistanis will be hoping that there will be a lot of contracts signed there.
>> China's pledge of support comes hot on the heels of a $6 billion bailout from another traditional friend, Saudi Arabia. And Islamabad is also seeking its 13th bailout from the IMF, China will want some assurances from the Pakistani leader. Khan's government wants to rethink the China-Pakistan economic corridor, which Beijing ceases a flagship infrastructure program in its huge belt and road initiative.
>> The China-Pakistan economic corridor fails and that really calls in doubt the whole ethos behind the belt and roads. There have been a lot of problems with it, specifically with security. Some of these projects are being built in very dangerous areas. There have been cases where China's workers have been kidnapped or killed.
It's also generated a lot of suspicion from the Indians, because part of it runs through Cashmere.>> Khan won't be wanting to burn his bridges. Pakistan's foreign reserves have plunged 42% since the start of the year.