FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2018

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>> I, Donald John Trump->> Since the moment President Donald Trump took office.
Democrats have been counting down to Tuesday's Congressional elections hoping a strong showing would give them the power to reign in Trump's agenda. Now, they're favored to take back the House of Representatives. But in his two years in office, Trump has already checked off a big chunk of his to-do list.
>> Believe me.>> From pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Accords to overhauling NAFTA. Enacting tax cuts and seating two conservatives on the Supreme Court, none of which sits well with Democrats. And while Democrats may soon rule the House, Republicans are expected to keep their hold on the Senate.
Reporter Jim Oliphant says that means Trump's early accomplishments are here to stay.>> In terms of undoing any of Trump's policies that's not going to happen. Those two Justices are gonna stay on the Supreme Court barring any attempt by House Democrats to impeach Brett Kavanaugh, some of them talked about doing that.
But then again, the Senate's not going to be a willing partner in doing that. Trump does have to have his renegotiated trade deal with Canada and Mexico ratified, but that takes place in the Senate. Doesn't take place in the House,so they're not gonna play a role in that.
There might be some attempt by Democrats to do something with taxes. But again, that's not gonna go anywhere in a Republican controlled Senate. So pretty much what Trump has done is going to stay done.>> But while Democrats may not be able to roll back Trump's agenda, Oliphant says they could still put a serious dent in any unfinished business.
Given the level of hostility between Trump and House Democrats, if they win that chamber, you can expect anything at the top of Trump's wish list to not go anywhere. And at the top of that list is the border wall on the US border with Mexico. That's gonna be DOA.
No House Democrat is going to vote for the kind of funding that that wall is going to need.>> If the radical Democrats take power->> In that case, analysts say Trump and the Democrats may wind up looking for common ground, in areas such as rebuilding crumbling roads, reigning in drug prices, or helping young immigrants known as dreamers.
>> We've made good progress->> But all of that would depend on Democrats being able to work with the Senate still in Republican hands, a prospect with no guarantees in polarized Washington.