FIRST AIRED: October 22, 2018

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>> The industrial states along the Great Lakes, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, helped Donald Trump win the White House two years ago.>> We'll make America great again, okay?>> Now Democrats are poised to make a come back in the region.>> Hello, Ohio!>> With just weeks to go before election day, Richard Cordray the Democratic candidate for governor in Ohio, is holding his own.
>> I am so pleased to be here with you today.>> A self described progressive populist, he's the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, a favorite Republican punching bag. But Cordray has surprised some analysts by running neck in neck with GOP rival Mike DeWine in the battle to replace Republican John Kasich in the state's top job.
Campaign correspondent James Oliphant is just Back from Ohio.>> Democrats are showing surprising strength in both the governor and Senate races, a sign that the Trump effect there may be fading. Trump won Ohio by eight percentage points, largely due to white working class support in the regions. It was viewed at the time as a sign that the state might become a Republican stronghold but it's not working out that way in the midterms.
>> In the state senate race, Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown is on track to keep his seat despite the best efforts of his Trump-like opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci.>> Thank you, Mr. President.>> It hasn't hurt Brown in the current climate that he and Trump often align on the need to protect US jobs from moving overseas.
The pattern playing out in Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer expected to win the governor's race.>> My plan to fix the problem->> Even though Trump is playing up tariffs meant to bring jobs back to the rust-belt as well as a renegotiated free trade deal with Canada and Mexico.
And then there's Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker clearly in trouble. He's been elected three times but might lose this year to the state's top education official, Democrat Tony Evers. Trump narrowly won Pennsylvania in 2016. This year voters are disaffected with Trump's policies on immigration and healthcare. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, and Senator Bob Casey are both expected to easily win reelection.
>> Analysts tell me there is no one race and why the Democrats are coming back in the region. It's a mixture of historical trends, weak Republican candidates and then there's Trump himself.>> Thank you, Ohio.>> He has made several trips to the region but that does not seem to be helping the Republican candidates there.
It may be a sign that voters who embraced Trump in 2016 are turning on him now.