FIRST AIRED: October 24, 2018

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>> Wish me luck.>> The prize that's seen lottery fever spread across the US this week was finally drawn on Tuesday night.>> It's Mega Millions.>> Lets help Americans.>> A record setting $1.6 billion bounty, a series of six so called lucky numbers were picked.>> Let's see if I can make you a billionaire tonight.
>> South Carolina State Lottery says a winning ticket was sold there. Whoever hit all six numbers will face a tough choice, cash in on $904 million right away, or choose a windfall of $1.6 billion paid out over the next three decades. The chance of winning it big was slim in the vicinity of one in three hundred million, that means you're around 100 times more likely to be killed by a shark then strike it rich.
Despite those chances the record jackpot had people all over America ready to try their luck. The gold rush left some store owners struggling to keep up with demand.>> We went through a hole role and they don't do that in weeks.>> Mega Million set the record after nobody won a $1 billion prize last Friday.
Before the draw, experts were warning America's hopefuls to be careful if they did strike it lucky. One lawyer told Reuters that such huge winnings can also bring headaches, like the sudden rush of publicity that would come with such a life-changing win.>> You can't all win.>> We're all going to win.
>> Yeah, we're gonna split it.>> For those hoping to get in on the action next time tickets for the Mega Millions are sold in the 44 US states, the district of Colombia and the Virgin Islands. But even though some states allow online ticket sales, they won't let you buy them outside state lines.
So if you live overseas, even if you are American, it's tough luck.