FIRST AIRED: October 20, 2018

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Saudi State TV announced on Friday the results of a preliminary investigation that it said shows Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor, Jamal Khashoggi, is dead.>>
> The Saudi said his death was the result of a fight that broke out between Khashoggi and the people who met him in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2nd.
A statement from the Saudi Public Prosecutor says investigations into Khashoggi's death are continuing and 18 Saudi nationals have been arrested. On Friday night, President Donald Trump told reporters in Arizona, he thought the Saudi's explanation was, quote, credible.>> Saudi Arabia's been a great ally, but what happened is unacceptable.
>> But prior to the announcement, the president also said he might consider sanctions of the disappearance. Along with the 18 arrests, the Saudi said the country's deputy intelligence chief, Ahmed Asiri, had been fired, that's along with another adviser to the royal court, Saud al-Qahtani, seems the right-hand man of the Saudi crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman.
It marks the first time the Saudis have admitted to knowledge of Khashoggi's death since he vanished following a visit to the consulate to collect documents that would allow him to marry his Turkish fiance. Turkish officials have been saying for weeks they believe he was killed inside the building, but the Saudis denied the allegation, saying he left the counselage shortly after.
Two official Reuters sources in Turkey said on Friday police had began searching a forest on Istanbul's outskirts for Khashoggi's remains.