FIRST AIRED: October 23, 2018

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>> Hi, thanks for answering the door. We're just volunteers talking about the healthcare bill coming up.>> It's an all out effort to beef up Obamacare through the ballot box, and it's happening in Idaho, one of the most Conservative states in the country.>> So you've already voted and you voted yes on too.
>> Absolutely.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Gooding, Idaho where volunteers are going door to door, trying to build support for a measure that would expand health coverage for low income people. It's a key part of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, and many Republican-dominated states like Idaho, have opted not to participate.
These volunteers are bringing the issue directly to the voters.>> It's not a conventional campaign, as you can see from this camper.>>
For more than a year, Luke Mayville has been driving a green van through the back roads of this western state, talking up Idaho Proposition II.
>> We thought Medicaid expansion was something that was big and monumental, and that would improve people's lives on a grand scale, and would bring people together.>> The ballot measure allows people in Idaho to decide for themselves if they want to expand the Medicaid health program for the poor.
It's on the ballot November 6th. Montana, Nebraska, and Utah have similar measures on the ballot. If voters approve them, some 400,000 low income residents across the west could get health insurance.>> I get so angry when I think about this because there are so many people like my sister, that cannot afford her medical bills.
That her insurance won't cover.>> Leading the opposition is the Idaho Freedom Foundation, warning that state residents could wind up paying more than they expect. The Conservative group's Fred Birnbaum points to neighboring Oregon, which had to raise taxes earlier this year to pay for its Medicaid expansion.>> Based on the experience from other states, we think it'll bust our budget.
Fiscally, it'll be unsustainable.>> If voters decide to expand Medicaid here in Idaho and other western states. It'll raise serious questions about whether Republicans will ever be able to scale back popular but expensive safety net programs. Which is something they've tried to do for years. After all, repealing Obamacare's been one of the party's top priorities going back to 2010.
Now voters may be poised to strengthen it.