FIRST AIRED: October 22, 2018

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>> It certainly makes the change from the Marlboro Man. Cigarette maker, Phillip Morris, on Monday, launching a campaign it says is aimed at getting people to stop smoking. The company says Hold My Light is part of its plan for a smoke free future. Anti tobacco campaigners point out the firm still promotes its smokes all around the world.
Not coincidentally, the new UK campaign also suggests vaping products as a good alternative. It launched with big spreads in a national newspaper.>> And they say that somebody who gives up for four weeks is five times more likely to give up.>> Reuters correspondent, Martine Gala, is following the story in London.
>> Phillip Morris isn't promoting itself into oblivion, it's trying to sell alternative products, and we've had two anti-smoking charities today come out and accuse Phillip Morris of being a hypocrite in this.>> The company behind the Marlboro brand certainly has a long way to go. Traditional cigarettes still account for the vast majority of its sales, but the company's own videos indicate how much rebranding is going on.
>> It's our vision, eventually, cigarettes will disappear.>> Meanwhile, ads for its heated tobacco products look more like smartphone promos. The new campaign also notable in a country where tobacco advertising is banned.>> Well, one benefit of this, actually, is that, I mean, Philip Morris' name is on the front page of a major newspaper, and this is unusual.
Philip Morris normally cannot advertise.>> Philip Morris might find that convincing people it has good intentions is every bit as tough as getting them to stop smoking.