FIRST AIRED: November 5, 2018

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>> Polls open for the midterm elections in a few hours and it's not just voters paying attention. Wall Street is watching just as closely bracing for either a red or blue wave and what either means for a number of industries. Reuters markets correspondent Lewis Krauskopf says, healthcare stocks are the most at risk.
>> In particular, if Democrats gained more control, you could see shares of pharmaceutical and biotech stocks sold off on fears that Congress may try and implement more strict controls on pricing. But, one potential positive could be that you'll see an expansion of health insurance coverage. If more Democrats gain more control perhaps through more states taking up expanded Medicaid, that could be a benefit for some health insurance and some hospital staff.
>> Another sector that could be in play, financials Including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. A democratic controlled House could mean the lax regulations of the early Trump years come to an end.>> If you see more hearings related to bank activity that could be an issue for those stocks.
>> While financials could face a less favorable environment if the Democrats regain some control, there is at least one sector that could farewell no matter what the outcome of Tuesday's vote.>> Greater federal spending on infrastructure has been talked about since Trump won the presidency, but he hasn't been able to push it through yet.
It is an area that is a potential policy place for compromise between the Democrats and Trump.>> Investors betting on that are likely to pour investment dollars into construction and raw material companies which could benefit the likes of Caterpillar.