FIRST AIRED: November 5, 2018

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>> Tuesday's elections could bring a new dawn for Democrats, not just in Washington, but in state capitals across the country where Republicans have been dominant for years. I'm Andy Sullivan in Arlington, Virginia, a state that Democrats hope is a sign of things to come. Voters here rejected a Trump-backed candidate for governor last year and elected more Democrats to the state legislature.
The party hopes to see that story play out across the country on Tuesday and it could end up winning in some surprising places. Marquee governor's races in Georgia.>> This is going to be a razor close election.>> And Florida.>> Hello Miami!>> Are drawing national attention, but that's only part of the story.
Republican governor Scott Walker's struggling in Wisconsin, trying to win a fourth election. Democratic challenger Tony Evers is reminding voters that Walker eroded public unions. In deep red, Kansas, Democrat Laura Kelly is running neck and neck with Republican Kris Kobach. Voters looking for a new direction after deep spending cuts enacted by former Republican governor Sam Brownback.
>> We can either reverse course and go back to the Brownback experiment, which totally devastated our state, or we can go forward.>> Kobach known as an aggressive advocate of voting restrictions.>> Guys, the answers to our problems, it's smarter government.>> A similar story in conservative Oklahoma where Republican Kevin Stitt is battling Democrat Drew Edmondson.
Teacher strikes earlier this year, a sign of discontent over GOP policies. Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and Illinois among the other top targets for Democrats. Democrats also hoping to win control of as many as 11 state chambers, especially the senate in New York, Colorado, Minnesota, and Maine. Barack Obama getting involved, endorsing several state legislative candidates after years of criticism of that he let the party erode at the state level while he was president.
>> But maybe most of all, the character of our country is on the ballot.>> Republicans currently control 33 governor's mansions and two-thirds of the state legislative chambers. The state level battle tends to get overlooked as all eyes are focused on Congress, but in many respects it has a more direct impact on people's lives.
Over the past decade, Republicans have tightened access to abortion and restricted voting laws in many states. They've also controlled the redistricting process, which has helped to entrench their dominance. Democrats are starting out from a deep hole here. They hope to begin digging their way out on Tuesday.