FIRST AIRED: December 26, 2018

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>> Less than 24 hours after the death of an eight year old Guatemalan boy, identified as Phillipe Gomez Alonso, the second migrant child to die in U.S border patrol custody, the agency announced a series of policy changes. Official say the young boy and his father were in custody on Christmas Eve when an agent noticed the child showing signs of sickness.
The boy was then taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a common cold and a fever. He was released but later readmitted to the hospital and died shortly after. Going forward, U.S Customs and Border Protection officials will conduct secondary medical checks on all children in custody.
Reuters correspondent Yeganeh Torbati has more.>> Also, they're going to be in general reviewing their policies for children under the age of ten especially and they're going to be looking at options for potentially releasing more families into some sort of temporary housing, housing that may be more suitable for adults with children so that these sorts of medical issues maybe don't crop up as often.
>> Many Democrats and immigrant advocates have been criticizing the way migrants, specifically children, are treated at the border.>> And in fact, CBP themselves have said, yeah, we're not really set up very well to take care of children at the border. Our facilities were created in an era where most of the people crossing were single adult men and it's not designed for more delicate, weak children who may have suffered serious health issues on the way to the United States.
>> On Christmas Day, seven year old migrant Jakelin Caal from Guatemala was laid to to rest. She died of dehydration earlier this month, after she and her father surrendered to U.S Border Patrol in New Mexico. While Caal's death fueled criticism of president Donald Trump's immigration policies, the administration said it showed the danger of her journey, and the family's decision to cross the border illegally.