FIRST AIRED: December 16, 2018

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>> A Federal judge's decision declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, suddenly thrusting the fate of Obamacare back into the political spotlight. While the decision has no immediate impact on current enrollment, or on health plans obtained through the 2010 law. The ruling will will likely wind its way up through appeals, and could land in front of the US Supreme Court.
And it will pressure lawmakers and the White House to explain how they plan to protect millions of Americans who risk losing their coverage if the ACA is ultimately struck down.>> But we should be working to improve the Affordable Care Act, not just throw it out and set on fire.
>> Democratic Senator, Amy Klobuchar, on Sunday, telling CBS News the Democrats are ready to push for changes to expand existing programs for the poor and elderly.>> We need universal healthcare and there are many ways to get there. That is one of them, the other is to at least expand Medicare to age 55.
There's a number of bills that I'm part of, including allow the expansion of Medicare, which I think is something we're not talking enough about.>> I think government never does big things really well. I'm for more of a step by step and I want to start with the first step of people with pre existing conditions.
>> Republican senator, John Barrasso, saying he favored a more incremental approach to sure up coverage.>> So what we're seeing right now from the Democrats' side, and you see, whether it was Bernie Sanders, or so many of the Democrat candidates for President in 2020. They're talking about a program of a complete government takeover of healthcare, with increased taxes and fewer choices and longer lines.
>> Healthcare is a human right!>> The healthcare debate risks putting Republicans in a difficult position. Most in the party have attacked and derided the Affordable Care Act, even as its provisions and benefits, such as protections for pre-existing conditions, grew popular.>> It was a big ruling, a great ruling for our country.
>> US President Donald Trump on Saturday, hailing Friday's ruling, promising to deliver a bipartisan fix for healthcare.>> We will get great, great healthcare for our people. We will have to sit down with the Democrats to do it, but I'm sure they wanna do it also.>> But Trump was unable to get his own party to agree on an Obamacare replacement during two years Republicans held complete control of Congress.
>> We're gonna sign this bill.>> Obamacare, the signature domestic policy achievement of the Obama Administration, already survived an existential challenge in the US Supreme Court in 2012. And nearly 12,000,000 Americans signed up for coverage under the law for 2018.