FIRST AIRED: December 20, 2018

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>> China's goal simply put is to replace the US as the world's leading superpower, and they're using illegal methods to get there.>> The Justice Department on Thursday announcing criminal charges against two Chinese nationals for stealing US business and technology secrets. Prosecutors alleging that members of a group known as Advanced Persistance Threat Ten.
Or APT 10, hacked into an array of major US companies, as well as government agencies.>> Including the laboratories of NASA, the United States Department of Energy, and the US Navy.>> US authorities say the alleged hackers worked in connection with the Chinese government and stole intellectual property, as well as confidential business and technological data.
Reuters' correspondent Christopher Bing.>> Perhaps the most damaging of the companies that have been hacked are what's called managed service providers. These large tech companies that outsource IT for various other companies in the US economy. And so this was in some ways a masterful supply change hack that affected a large number of companies, according to the Justice Department.
>> As a nation we cannot and will not allow such brazen theft to go unchecked.>> As part of the crackdown, US and British authorities on Thursday formally condemned China for violating 2015 agreements to curb cyber espionage for business purposes. Other US allies also joining in the rebuke, including Australia and New Zealand.
>> It's very significant that the US was able to get so many other countries involved in this name and shame campaign against the Chinese hackers. In part what it shows is that these other countries were aware of this hacking activity, and that there may have been victims in their country as well.
>> The new charges come as Washington and Beijing are locked in a bitter trade war. And are at odds over the recent arrest of Huawei's executive Mum Wan Jo in Canada at the request of the United States.>> Ms Mum what is your reaction to being