FIRST AIRED: December 15, 2018

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>> Reuters reporting exclusively that T-Mobile and Sprint expect their merger to get US national security approval as early as next week. After a promise from their parent companies to consider curbing the use of equipment, from China's Huawei technologies. The news follows the arrest of Huawei's Chief Financial Officer in Canada, which as part of an international crisis.
>> The unlawful detention of two Canadian citizens is unacepptable.>> And has put even more strain on relations between the US and China. Reuter's correspondent, Liana Baker has the exclusive.>> There's heightened tensions right now in Washington around Huawei. And both of these companies, their parent companies, SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom, both use Huawei equipment and some of their networks not in the US.
So it appears the US government put pressure on Deutsche Telecom and SoftBank to try to get some concessions from them. This is the first time that we know of where this intergovernmental national security panel called CFIUS has made demands from non US companies to do things outside of the US.
So this isn't in the purview of the US, this in Europe and in Japan, and other countries. So, it is definitely a blow to Huawei if they lose some of their biggest partners, SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom globally. And if the US and China are really fighting over who will control the 5G network, this would be a win for the partners of the US in the 5G race.
>> Getting US national security approval is a major step toward closing T Mobile’s $26 billion bid to buy Sprint. Shares of both companies finished down on Friday.