FIRST AIRED: December 15, 2018

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>> I'll be signing each of these three bills in their->> With just days left in office, Wisconsin's outgoing Republican Governor Scott Walker signed a package of last minute legislation Friday, weakening the powers of his newly elected successor, a Democrat who broke through after eight years of total Republican control.
But Walker denies the new bills are a power grab.>> It's not. It's about a couple of core things that I talked about the other day, transparency, accountability, protecting taxpayers, and making sure there's a sense of stability in government.>> The political strategy can be seen throughout the country as power shifts in long-held Republican strongholds.
Reuters correspondent, Joseph Ax. In Michigan, the head of Republican-led legislature there has called a lame-duck session where they're considering a bunch of bills that would similarly restrict the powers of the incoming governor, attorney general, secretary of state, all of who are gonna be Democrats for the first time in many years.
In North Carolina the Republican-led legislature there is trying to push through a voter ID law before January which is when they're going to lose their veto-proof supermajority.>> Many of the lame duck laws will likely end up in court where similar legislation has faced trouble in the past.
>> North Carolina in 2016, when Roy Cooper, the Democrat won office there, the Republican legislature passed a whole bunch of legislation that stripped away lots of his powers, including the ability to name his own cabinet members. And a lot of those moves have been tied up in court since then.
And some of them have been overturned. So it is possible that a judge at some point might find that these Republican-dominated legislative have gone too far in restricting the power of the incoming Democratic governors.>> Meanwhile in Wisconsin, incoming Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers vowed to fight the changes.
>> Well, this legislation was created without accountability and transparency.>> Ax expects the first legal challenges to crop up in a matter of days.