FIRST AIRED: December 28, 2018

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wild day of swings in the stock market. The S&P 500, Dow Industrials, and NASDAQ turned positive late in the trading session Thursday, roaring back after steep losses for most of the day. At one point, the Dow plunged over 600 points, but it ended up 250.
The dramatic come-back fueled by technology and health stocks. Thursday's gains coming after the Dow saw an historic jump of 1,000 points just a day earlier, leaving some hope to investors that a Wall Street swoon may be coming to an end. Reuters' Lewis Krauskopf.>> The market's moves today were in the context of that, so when you say such a big up today, you saw strategists saying that they're not surprising to see the market pull back.
But then when that selling didn't really take hold, it wasn't more feverish, there wasn't more momentum for the selling. What we heard from investors is that that encouraged buyers to come back in. So you saw this late day rally that led the indexes to finish higher.>> The S&P 500's two day percentage gain of 5.9% is the best performance for the benchmark index since late August 2015 when the market was in the midst of a downturn over a slowing China.
>> Even with the gains that we've seen the last two days, we're still on track for big losses in December. All the indexes are showing losses of at least 9% this month. Only yesterday, we were close for the S&P 500 going into bear market territory. And I think a lot of the concerns that have bothered investors for weeks and months are still there.
That's trade tensions between the United States and China. There's the uncertain political climate here in the US, including the recent government shutdown. There's what's going to happen with interest rates in the Federal Reserve tightening. And there's an expected slow down in US corporate profit growth that's expected take hold next year.
And all of that still remains as concerns for investors.