FIRST AIRED: December 28, 2018

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>> It might sounds silly but baby talk could actually be one of the most important ways that your little one learns. Scientist say parents can improve their children's' cognitive learning by adopting an unusual style of baby talk called Parentese. But Parentese isn't your average baby talk made of silly sounds and nonsense words says Dr. Naja Ferjan Ramirez, a research scientist at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences or I-LABS.
>> Studies have shown that compared to standard speech, Parentese uses a higher pitch, a slower tempo, exaggerated intonation and acoustically exaggerated sounds. We have also shown that when given a choice, infants prefer to listen to Parentees over standard speech and that infants who hear more Parentees at 11 months have larger vocabularies at 24 months of age.
>> The team at I-LABS coach some parents to use more language when interacting with kids and the results showed those children had better language skills at 14 months from babbling to properly formed words. But apparently moms are better at Parentees than dads, research suggests that fathers are not communicating with their babies as much as they should be.
So some dads have signed up to a course to learn how to interact with their little ones, like Ludvig Flyckt.>> I wanna learn the baby language to interact more with my daughter and see her view of the world and I think we both can learn stuff from speaking the baby language.
>> A global collaboration between UNICEF and non-profits H&M Foundation hopes to get dads more involved and get the whole family talking.