FIRST AIRED: December 22, 2018

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>> As you move just->> Yeah.>> Ready, okay?>> Okay.>> If the shoe doesn't fit, returning it is costly, for online retailers at least. So major fashion brands are trying out software that calculates sizes more accurately. Models testing top fashion brands find that nearly a third of shoes and clothes are bigger or smaller than the label size indicates.
That means customers return many of the clothes they buy online, costing retailers a fortune. Reuters Senior Correspondent Emma Thomasson.>> One company sends out a kind of tight fitting bodysuit with points on it that you then take photographs of and upload those photographs, and that helps create a 3D image of your body.
That helps the company suggest a better fit for you. Another company I know is doing Skype consultations.>> Fast fashion brands like Zara, A Source, and H&M have now introduced size prediction software. Using a customer's height and weight, as well as historic data on purchases and returns, to find their ideal size.
A Source released a profit last Monday, sending their shares down by 40%. A shock that's left the e-commerce industry trembling.>> I mean, people had seen that there was a problem on the high street for store-based retailers. And they'd assumed that the main beneficiaries of that were the e-commerce players.
Now if this kind of retail malaise is spreading to the e-commerce players, it suggests that nobody is immune.>> Europe's biggest online only fashion retailer Zalando told writers nearly half of the products it sells are sent back.>> So if we can put an article on a fitting model, just as or before that article is online to you as a consumer and we immediately know, hey there's a fitting problem with this.
We can help customers a lot faster.>> Around half of Americans buy online expecting to have to send their items back, according to a recent survey.