FIRST AIRED: December 24, 2018

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This year by far the strangest moment was when Kanye visited the Oval Office. I'm not very familiar with his music but he's a very popular, very wealthy man. And for some reason he's taken a shine to Donald Trump.>> I love this guy right here.>> Usually the President does all the talking in these events, but at this one we gathered around that grand resolute desk in the Oval Office.
And the President made a couple of opening remarks, and then he turned the floor over to Kanye, who launched in the stream of consciousness speech.>> This is our President. He has to be the freshiest, the fliest.>> Unfortunately, I ended up in a lot of the pictures with this bemused look on my face, because I was, my face reflected everybody else's in the room because we're not used to this sort of thing.
>> What do you want this meeting to lead to in terms of->> Honestly, from my standpoint this was just set up to be a lunch.>> Up and going to events in the Oval Office since early 1991, through the presidencies of five different men. I've never seen an event like this.
>> There's infinite amounts of universe in this ultimate universe.>> Normally we would go and shake hands, like when President Nixon met Elvis, we have a photo of that. We don't really know for sure what they talked about. But with Kanye, we know exactly what they talked about, it's all on tape.
>> He can speak for me any time he wants.>> You just never see the President cede control of an event to someone else, unless it's a very controlled circumstance. And this one was like, Kanye, this is your event, you're talking. He just went on and on and on, and used some four-letter words that we don't typically hear in the Oval Office.
So that was quite a day.