FIRST AIRED: January 1, 2019

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How many of you?>>
]>> 15.>> 15?>> Yes, 15.>> Brilliant.>> This summer a real life drama gripped Thailand. 12 boys, a soccer team, stranded deep in a flooded cave. The world watched as a team of international and local divers risked their lives to bring them out.
It was an amazing story of heroism, but also shine a light on some issues facing Thailand today. I'm
launched the 2014 crew that ousted the civilian government. Today, he's prime minister and has a chance to step up as head of a new government. Analysts say, the Cape rescue has boosted his popularity As to whether he can turn that into a successful political campaign, we'll find out in the spring when Thais head to the polls.
But I've never seen anything like this. Thousands of people turn up at the scene to help, from divers to volunteers, pumping water out of the caves. There were even famous Buddhist monks. Offering spiritual support. Thai people have lived through more than a decade of political conflict, from street protests, to violent crackdowns, to military coups.
The rescue was a lesson in unity after so many years of division. The cave rescue also won attention for an ongoing human rights crisis. Four of the boys on the soccer team were actually stateless, lacking basic rights like the freedom to travel or buy property or even get married.
And there are hundreds of thousands more just like them in Thailand today facing a difficult path towards citizenship. Since the rescue four of the boys have become citizens. Human rights activists are hoping that this issue won't be forgotten as Thailand moves into 2019. The cave boys story could also impact the general election next year.
With Thailand's government riding on a wave of public support for its efficient rescue operation.