FIRST AIRED: March 22, 2019

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is to create an economy that works for all all blocks not just the billionaire class Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has been hammering the issue for years and now more Democrats in the twenty twenty race are tapping into discontent over income inequality like never before Reuters correspondent Schroeder researchers shown that Americans making less than thirty thousand dollars actually constitute over half of the non voting population so if Democrats are able to mobilize that population all of a sudden that's a much larger block of untapped political support the could be out there according to a twenty seventeen study nearly eighty five million Americans or about twenty five percent either don't have a bank account or only have access to basic banking services a group known as under banked and that can be expensive experts say both unbanked and under banked households spend on average ten percent of their income on basic financial services like cashing checks a number of prominent Democrats %HESITATION many of whom are running for president are starting to talk about issues in the space %HESITATION you have new Jersey's Cory Booker whose proposed the idea of banning overdraft fees for bank accounts %HESITATION center Kamal hairs from California who is also running for the White House has %HESITATION talked a lot about wine to crackdown on payday lenders and then even you have %HESITATION represent of Alexander %HESITATION causing Cortez who's a new face in Congress but she's also talking about the issues of how do you bring banking services to more Americans whether it's through some sort of a government run system or other alternatives experts say the topic of affordable financial services resonates among two key demographics minorities and rural America which overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump at the polls in twenty sixteen to a path toward success an opportunity now Democrats are looking to those groups for votes hoping to turn the tables in twenty twenty for millions of people across this country