FIRST AIRED: March 25, 2019

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elections in Thailand have been marred by allegations of cheating and general confusion over results both sides say they will form a government spoiling hopes of a clay court results they could have ended fifteen years of political turmoil among the main contenders is piling pressure at the proven to party belonging to prime minister praised China China he headed up the military coup which seized power in the country five years ago , as yet unofficial results show the parties gained a surprising ninety six six after three hundred and fifty , your position in pro democracy policy per tie linked to the self exiled former prime at Texans in a watch has around a hundred and thirty seven seats less than it was expecting which is probably one child is on the story was seen %HESITATION sort of the joking as already started where both sides to to call bodies one which are input type essentially getting sort of number of very close to each other but file from you know having more than half off the sit toto seats so borders that saying that they they want to be a call informing new government the senator is seeing this picture where a bunch of problematic three bodies were side and you know with plan which are out front and then you see a bunch of pro democracy parties as well as %HESITATION talks about his party's sided we've got tight %HESITATION but the problem is that the numbers don't really add up %HESITATION and we could and I was situation icon %HESITATION polio regularities of prompted accusations of brick voting as of Monday nearly six hundred thousand people have signed a petition to impeach the election body and puts I said it was considering legal action critics also say the new election system introduced by the junta is fundamentally skewed in favor of the ruling military with costs general region %HESITATION Shanda Doane to has the ultimate bondage essentially through the appointed Senate where the home to get to choose all of its two and fifty members of the Senate and the Senate will be essential %HESITATION in the voting for what would become the next prime minister , the electoral commission said it could be weeks into the make up of parliament becomes Claire and the official result will be announced on may ninth