FIRST AIRED: April 4, 2019

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we expect the war between E. lawn musk in the securities and exchange commission moves to a New York federal court room Thursday where a judge will decide whether or not the billionaire CEO of Tesla should be held in contempt over one of his tweets at issue this post about building five hundred thousand vehicles in twenty nineteen which the SEC says violated its fraud settlement with musk the agency says it was improper because last year's court order required must to seek pre approval of any written communications that had information material to test slow or its shareholders musk says the tweet is not material Alexandria sage says there's a lot on the line we don't know what's going to happen in court today but it could be significant because the judge could rule from the bench %HESITATION and there has been a lot of speculation about what sort of ramifications Ilan mosque could face %HESITATION the judge could decide that the lan must has in fact violated his settlement agreement with the SEC and say that you can no longer be a public officer of this company Tesla that's probably the most extreme thing that people are concerned about Thursday's hearing is the latest twist in a high profile battle between the billionaire in the agency which called for must contest let to each paid twenty million dollars in civil fines and for musk to step down as teslas chairman for three years because of what the SEC called fraudulent tweets masks problems with the SEC date from last August when the Tesla CEO tweeted that he had pride that the funding to take has love private well that said a whole chain of events %HESITATION off and the SEC came back and said no those statements on Twitter were fraudulent %HESITATION and you did not have the financing our the clear I do not respect the SEC musk in a sixty minutes interview made no , no secret of his disdain for the SEC unfair and in a filing last month his lawyer said the regulators contempt motion quote smacks of retaliation and censorship besides a band from being an officer of the company legal experts have said that a contempt finding from the judge could subject musk to a higher fine or further restrictions