FIRST AIRED: March 28, 2019

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she offered to quits to get high maligned brexit deal pasta a last ditch attempt to persuade your skeptics to finally break the parliamentary deadlock so who could replace Theresa may as the next prime minister of Britain here are some of the favorites bus stop Michael gave leading candidate with the but he's with a twenty two percent chance of being crowned PM I think this is a time for a cool heads he failed in a leadership bid against me in twenty sixteen but a sense backed up by exit strategy could this be his chance to get one not very clear another option Boris Johnson former foreign minister and Mays most outspoken critic of brexit he resigned to cabinet in protest so I think brexit is unstoppable best known for his disheveled blonde had eccentric turns of phrase he was seen by many as the face of the twenty sixteen brexit campaign next David letting ten mais de facto deputy and remain at tomorrow the house will vote on this improved deal touted as a possible interim leader he now says he's been cured of any lingering shred of ambition to lead the country what about Jeremy hunt current foreign minister he voted to stay in the E. U. she is passing for Britain probably best known for his run in with the financially stretched National Health Service while he oversaw it then of course that's Jacob Rees Mogg father of six from point million at who cultivates the image of an English gentleman from days gone by this is %HESITATION brexit this is a failure of government policy head of the influential theology eurosceptic quick questions remain whether he actually wants the job next up Dominic rob the former brexit minister quit maze government last year after just five months in protest at had dropped exit deal for to making more progress today when asked if he'd like the prime minister's job the black belts in karate responded never say never that's such a job it for my banker and champion of free markets Britain is open for business a second generation immigrants of Pakistani heritage he has a portrait , of Margaret Thatcher on his office wall no women currently topping the list but still in with a chance Andrea lets them the result is final and leave campaigner who made it to the last two in the twenty sixteen contest I need to withdraw from the race she currently runs parliamentary business but the government and I'm the rods for my interior minister I think the important moment she resigned following indignation I've had apartments treatment of some long time carribean residence wrongly labeled illegal immigrants F. maze deal what's apos offices that that be a contest to replace that often may the twenty second when Britain would leave the E. U. she become the fourth consecutive prime minister in a row to a fallen foul of divisions over Europe within a centuries old party after David Cameron John Major and Margaret Thatcher