FIRST AIRED: April 2, 2019

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it's well Mondays I clinic Olympia painting renames law after its black model one of around a dozen famous what's given new titles at Paris's Musetto say to betray centuries of racism the black models from Jericho to my teacher case traces events back from the first attempt to abolish slavery in France to many modern day issues the museum's director longhorn steakhouse is the exhibition was built on a black people's contribution to French history we have decided to rename too to suggest new names for painting speed for two reasons some because some titles were unacceptable for contemporary sensitivities and also because the research also as enable us to %HESITATION to have a name now to put on those models and just so be become really portraits and not only studies you know other retitled works include Marieke you mean Ben wants put traits of a knee grass now names portrayed of Madeline and Theodore sherry cause any great Joseph now study of Amanda using Jerry said the what the black artists and literary figures also celebrated including renowned rights Alexandre Dumas he was often subject to racist attacks due to his Haitian ancestry on the laser with the products of what happened during the time of slavery and colonialism with a product of all that today on this product is also the construction of a view how black people see themselves and how they see others how white people see themselves and how they see others going abroad one old the exhibition will run until July twenty fast